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Welcome to the Rural Community Development website. Join us now and help to develop your local rural community. Community development includes different aspects ranging from teaching children to various housing schemes to job opportunities and even shelter for animals. A nation full of people who are willing to serve the community voluntarily is a nation moving towards a prosperous and growing society. Community is a label that explains the bonding that normally occurs between members of a group due to the commonality shared between the members. This commonality may serve as the catalyst to provide support and loyalty to each other in a community development.

Community development and personal responsibility are the buzz words in conversations across the developed world. Change is in the air. With so much shift and transition going on in every country it may be hard to know where to begin. These shifts in society may have something to do with the new economic realities the world is facing, or it may be a result of other factors. Nevertheless, the trend is not bad news, and has the potential to mark a movement towards more open and tolerant societies.

Simon Bean was a notorious miser and recluse. On the rare occasions he left his cottage to do business at Nuneaton Market he was ridiculed by local boys for his outlandish clothes, his refusal to drill with the other village men in preparation for the expected Napoleonic invasion and, above all, for his tight-fistedness.

We will link with equivalent interest groups internationally to learn from each other and share experiences.

There are a lot of volunteer roles for community development through local organizations, which support women and children as well as micro enterprises. These organizations usually have a mission of promoting and creating opportunities to volunteer and improve the lives of people in society. If you are interested in Rural Community Development and you would like to get involved, feel free to contact us.

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